Scientifically measuring various kinds of allergens suppression

Allergens, which are mostly organic matters as proteins and mold toxins, generated by Dust Mites, Pets, Pollen and other sources, are the cause of allergies breathing disorders including Asthma. Learn how Enviro-Biotics® consumes these allergens, and creates a safe zone for those who suffer from allergies

Allergies and Asthma have reached a crisis level:
The accelerated pace of increase of allergic diseases correlates with the  increased time spent Indoors, where we spend more than 90% of our time, Our indoors are contaminated by many allergens, primarily, of dust mite and insect extractions, Pets, toxic molds and pollen . These allergens causes unease, headaches, fatigue, and in its more severe form – Asthma and even heart diseases. 

Betterair reduces allergies by  reduction of all types of Allergens – the real  cause of the Allergies 

The reduction of allergens is achieved by a new technology that harnessed nature:
Bacillus cells are known for their high secretion rate of proteolytic enzymes that readily degrade adjacent proteins towards their consumption by the cells as valuable nutrients. 

Since all the antigenic determinants (the epitopes that stimulate the allergic reactions) are composed of proteins, exposure of the allergens to proteolytic enzymes, neutralizes them and renders them to be harmless. 

This preventative property of inactivating allergens by the Enviro-Biotic bacterial cells has been challenged on multiple occasions; the following represents the major 3 most recent studies executed by Dr. Sivasankar Baalasubramanian, executive director of   INDOOR Biotechnologies Inc. based in Cardiff, UK with additional laboratories in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA,  and Bangalore India.

Figure 1: Enviro-Biotics® growth in the presence of Dust mite ( Der p2) allergen alone compared to a nitrogen source  (NH4)SO4

Inference: BAI bacteria shows growth in the presence of allergen as only nitrogen source.

The study has confirmed that allergens are food sources for our bacillus strains and consumption of the most common allergens were measured and reported:

Below is a sample of the study’s results where Dust Mite (one of the prime cause for Asthma) were measured and below Pets allergens with similar results

These results are corroborated by the US’s EMSL lab 

Allergies – EMSL report

As exhibited in EMSL’s report, application of the Enviro Biotic suspension in a family room decreases the presence of the dust mite allergen (Der f1) by x20 fold 

The success in reduction of a variety of pathogens and allergens over a wide spectrum has been made possible due to the fact the Enviro-Biotics is a multi-strains formula, where each strain is a functional control of a group of common allergens, where concurrently activated, creating a highly effective  protection of the indoors against all sort of allergens