Room purifier for 300 sq ft.

Easy Maintenance

Easily exchanged 45 ML (1.52 FL Oz) refill every three months (small variances allowed, accommodating various temperature, humidity, and elevation ranges).

Dual Use

Automatic use or continuous fogging.


Long-lasting rechargeable battery


By a standard USB type C DC 5V/2A charger

User guide

Quick start guide

BioLogic mini technical data

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Most frequent questions and answers

The mini is your guardian. It is recommended to be placed in your bedrooms where dust Mites are abundant. Dust Mites feed on the microscopic skin particles we shed during our resting time. You may also place one in your office or any place of work you spent time at. For additional protection, we recommend placing the mini in your vehicle too.

The BioLogic mini operations are cost-effective and silent; it quietly disperses only once an hour and for a few seconds. Therefore, it is not easy unless one sits and stares at the device for an hour to witness dispersing. You may force a dispersion by momentary pressing the operations button in the middle of the device, and such would toggle to a “fogging” mode where a continuous dispersion is visible. The LED changes from Blue (standby) to Green (Dispersion in progress) while the device disperses.

If the device does not react via the button or smartphone app:
a)) Make sure the device is charged. When the LED is RED, it requires an immediate charge
b) make sure there is liquid in the refill bottle.

The BioLogic kit does NOT contain a charger. Use a certified smartphone charger with the cable provided in the kit.

No.  The device should operate continuously, providing protected, clean indoor spaces. Pathogens are not resting while you are away. Also, once the refill seal is broken, it can not be kept for more than 150 days, and its efficacy may be compromised if not fresh. Opened refills should be replaced after a maximum of 150  days, even if not empty.

The BioLogic mini kit contains one refill of 45 ML of Enviro-Biotics that lasts for
app 90 days. (variances of up to 15% may be expected due to temperature, humidify and elevation) Subscribe, and you should receive a refill automatically every three months.

Dispose with other plastic waste when possible; We use recyclable materials and, to the degree possible, auto-degradable

Video Tourorial

How to set up your BioLogic mini

Significant reduction of

Bad odors

Asthma attacks

Toxic Mold spores

Dust mite allergens

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

Allergic reactions & irritation

Transmission of infectious diseases

Enviro-Biotics has been endorsed and registered worldwide