Room Purifier For 800 Sq. Ft.

Powerful For the effective cleaning of large areas

Long-lasting and continuous protection and purification of all indoors’ elements  Surfaces – Objects – Air within  800 square feet  (80 sqm).

Easy Maintenance

A patented cartridge of 105 ML (3.55 FL Oz) is easily mounted into the device and lasts approximately three months.


A special 4.2V DC adapter is provided.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where and how should the device be positioned in the room

It is recommended to place a device in the center of the home – living room and/or other large and open space. Place the device at a central portion of the space because the dispersion is equal to all directions; therefore, the device reaching is equal to all directions, creating a dispersion reach that looks like a shape of a circle.

The device may be placed on a shelf or flat surface. You may use the mounting kit to hang on any wall.  Ensure the device is at least 4 ft above the floor for effective dispersion.

How do you know that the device is active?

The Biotic-800 automatically disperses every 70 minutes for about 30 seconds. Therefore, the device is idle and quiet most of the time. Should you wish to verify that it is functional, press momentarily on the middle button (the one that looks like a flower); such forces a cycle of 30 seconds of dispersion,

What is the function of the Pause Button?

When pause activates a Night mode, where from the activation time, the device would be in quiet and idle for 10 hours, it is designed for those sensitive to noise at night/resting time. The device should enter Night mode every day at the same time until the Pause is deactivated. For example, Pause had been activated at 10 PM, and then the device was idle until 8 AM the next morning. During the 14 active hours of the day, the device would work more to be equal with dispersion that is active continuously without any pause.  

Should I turn off the device when traveling to save on its liquid?

No.  The device should always operate to provide a safe and clean indoors. Pathogens are not resting while you are away. Also, once the refill seal is broken, the refill cannot be kept for more than 150 days, and its efficacy may be compromised if it is not fresh. Opened refills should be replaced after 150 days, even if not empty.

What is the frequency of replenishment of the Biotica cartridge required?

The Biotica kit contains one refill of 105 ML of Enviro-Biotics that lasts for app 90 days.

Expect variation in consumption of up to 15% due to various conditions such as temperature, moisture, and elevation.

Once the liquid level is Low, the Red LED should be on or blinking.

Subscribers automatically receive new supplies around that time.

What do I do with the empty cartridge?

Dispose with other plastic waste when possible; We use recyclable materials and, to the degree possible, auto-degradable

 Additional Q&A of Enviro-Biotics technology, science, and its impact

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How to set up your Biotica 800

Significant reduction of

Bad odors

Asthma attacks

Toxic Mold spores

Dust mite allergens

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

Allergic reactions & irritation

Transmission of infectious diseases

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